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ceramic implants – international magazine of ceramic implant technology is an OEMUS MEDIA AG brand first introduced in 2017. OEMUS MEDIA AG is a dental media network based in the beautiful city of Leipzig, Germany, and was founded in 1994. Since then, OEMUS MEDIA AG has established itself as one of the world’s leading specialist publishers for the dental field. In addition to more than thirty specialist journals in the European market alone, the publishing house is also one of the major congress and seminar organisers in the dental industry in Europe, bringing around 6,000 participants up to date in dentistry every year.

the magazin

With this dedicated magazine, OEMUS MEDIA AG is helping clinicians around the globe to keep track of these rapid developments and to inform them about current trends in metal-free implantology. 

ceramic implants – international magazine of ceramic implant technology is published three times per year with a print run of 10.000 copies distributed around the globe. 


ceramic implants—international magazine of ceramic implant technology is the leading medium for the international ceramic implants community and offers practitioners around the globe a one-of-a-kind platform.

Timo Krause

Timo Krause

Sales & Product Manager

A well-known figure at dental events around the globe, Key Account Manager Timo Krause is always on the lookout for the latest in dental implant innovation. With a keen sense for future trends, Timo constantly strives to bring clinicians together and provide product innovators with individually-tailored advertising solutions for their fresh ideas.

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