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Zircon Medical

Ceramic implants: Reliable long-term data available for the first time

At IDS 2021 in Cologne, Zircon Medical, manufacturer of the Patent™ Dental Implant System (available either in one- or two-piece configuration), will be presenting the outcomes of clinical trials that seem to confirm the long-term success of its two-piece zirconia system. These prospective 9-year clinical studies and retrospective studies with 5-12 years of follow-up are the first of their kind in ceramic implantology.

Zircon Medical at IDS 2021

The company is honouring this paradigm shift in the scientific discussion around one- and two-piece ceramic implant systems with a series of education events around Europe. To kick things off, a series of lectures were held on 11 September in Zurich (CH), which were streamed live to simultaneously held symposia in Munich (D), Brussels (BE), Paris (F), Milan (IT), and Vienna (AU), among others.

Interested parties are invited to visit Zircon Medical at IDS 2021 in Cologne (hall 10.1, booths G020-H029), taking place from 22 to 25 September. There, further details of their latest research findings will be presented by internationally renowned experts in the field of ceramic implantology.

Above-average healing times

The results of the above-mentioned long-term studies suggest that, in addition to the implant material, the unique surface structure of the Patent™ implant system is one of the main reasons for its clinical success. The surface roughness, which is created in a technically advanced process, favours osteoconductivity and hydrophilicity both in the micro and macro area. This results in optimal biological hard- and soft-tissue conditions and, in turn, faster healing.

Strong soft-tissue seal

According to Zircon Medical, another reason for the positive long-term results lies in the uniquely strong soft-tissue seal that is created with the Patent™ system. Based on the soon-to-be-published data, the company is confident that the problem of peri-implantitis will soon be a thing of the past.

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