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Georg Isbaner

Keeping up the momentum of ceramic implants

Georg Isbaner, Editorial Manager

Dear Friends,

Around the world, fresh initiatives regarding ceramic implants technologies are being launched. In this issue of ceramic implants, we introduce two start-up companies from Poland and Spain which are developing entirely new ceramic systems and will be establishing them on the market in the months and years to come. We spoke to Dr Jarosław Pospiech, implantologist, engineer and inventor of the Polish implant system OriCera, about its novel screwless, detachable connection that requires neither adhesive nor cement. From Lidia M. Goyos Ball, medical devices division manager at Nanoker, we learn how the Spain-based company utilises two specific materials for its original ceramic implant system: a bioceramic composite on the one hand and a specific bacteriostatic bioglass coating on the other. The endeavours of these two companies prove that there is a continuing evolution of ceramic implant systems from being mere titanium copycats to becoming independent, customised solutions that respect the physical properties of the materials employed.

This trend towards independence is also reflected in the work of scientific expert societies. The incredibly active ceramic societies in the US and Europe— IAOCI (US), ISMI (Germany, Europe), ESCI (Europe) and EACim (France, Europe)—are joined by initiatives by Dr Enrique Reinprecht (SADIC) in Argentina and Dr Rodrigo Gomes Beltrão (ABICeram) in Brazil, who will be supporting implantologists in their respective regions with information and further training opportunities regarding ceramic implantology in the near future. We are excited about news from these energetic organisations, and we look forward to fruitful collaborations.

Furthermore, it is no secret that there is another ceramic system heading for market approval in Argentina, the US and Brazil (approvals for Asia, Europe and Africa are to follow): Z7. This zirconia implant system draws on the expertise and the components of a start-up company, MABB Biomaterial, that advances crucial ceramic implant technologies. Founded by Daniel Miguez in Buenos Aires, MABB aims to make the manufacturing processes of modern, highly precise ceramic systems both faster and more costeffective by utilising ceramic injection moulding and nanotechnology, with triple impact purposes and a global mission to fulfill.

In short, we are in the early stages of a seismic shift in dental implantology, which is primarily being shaped by modern ceramic implant systems. If one takes into consideration that health-conscious and sophisticated patients with high aesthetic demands especially will only consider therapeutic options employing ceramic systems, we know exactly where the future is headed.

Stay tuned. We will keep you posted!


Image credit: OEMUS MEDIA AG

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